Leg Strap Installation

Leg Strap Installation

Leg Strap Installation

Leg Strap Installation 

Thank you for Purchasing our Deadly Customs Attachment for your holster. Our Leg Straps are perfect for pairing with a Mid Ride Mount or Combat loop. They are packed with great features to help with your holster. It will keep your holster from slipping on your hip and will provide a more stable platform. Using it should also increase the consistency of your draw and re holstering of your pistol. They are constructed from Double stitched Durable Nylon with a high quality buckle for quick release. There is also a short section of elastic to make sure you’r holster moves with you and doesn’t over tighten when you move around.

Step 1 Leg Strap Installation.

Insert the 3 screw posts through the holes as per the picture.

Step 2

Add the 2 included rubber washers over the top of the screw posts.

Don’t add a rubber washer to the bottom post as this helps the thigh strap to articulate.

Step 3

Add the strap, take care to slot the screw post through the grommet on the strap

Step 4

Place the mid ride over the 3 screw posts

Step 5

Screw the 3 included screws into the screw posts.

We suggest doing this nice and tight to compress the rubber washers. You have now completed the Leg Strap Installation.

we suggest using a dab of lock tight on the screw holding in the thigh strap

If you require another mount they can be purchased from your chosen retailer or directly from Deadly Customs by clicking here.


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