Mid Ride Installation

Mid Ride Installation

Mid Ride Installation

Mid Ride Installation

Thank you for Purchasing our Deadly Customs Mid Ride. Our MRB’s are perfect for mounting on to any of our DC-1DC-2 or DC-3 series holsters. Unlike a drop leg system which often slides around on your leg the MRB offers a rigid platform for your holster. They are long enough to mounting your holster in the correct place on your leg for a quick and easy draw. MRB’s are used by militaries all over the world. We strongly recommend the use of a leg strap between the MRB and your holster to provide the best fit.

Step 1 of Mid Ride Installation.

Insert the 3 screw posts through the holes as per the picture.


Step 2

Add the 3 included rubber washers over the top of the screw posts.

Step 3

Place the mid ride over the 3 screw posts


Step 4

Screw the 3 included screws into the screw posts.

We suggest doing this nice and tight to compress the rubber washers.

If you require another mount they can be purchased from your chosen retailer or directly from Deadly Customs by clicking here.


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